Did you know that we played a part in the Center Parcs project?

Center Parcs Ireland has been the most talked about tourist development in recent years. Based in Newcastle Forest, Co. Longford, the development has brought a huge boost to the Midlands.

We were delighted to be awarded the contract to design and manufacture Plant Rooms for the Center Parcs project in 2018 with Sisk.

Although the plant rooms don't play as high a profile role as the 470 lodges and activity buildings, they do play a vital role in the operations of Center Parcs. The plant rooms house water treatment pumps, which keeps the water safe and sanitary. The unit also contains the main sewage control room for the whole development, an office, changing room and bathrooms.

Roadbridge -Control Room Plan and Elevation ELAINE

We built the Plant Rooms to the specific requirements of the water treatment pumps, including all of the ventilation, lighting and electrical requirements. With such a large project we work closely with the developers to ensure our insulated units will meet the requirements of the pump. The plant rooms were in a forest green so that they blended into the environment as much as possible.

The entire unit was designed and manufactured at our facilities in Kilbeggan. As each panel is prefabricated, we were able to install the unit in less than 2 days. By having such a quick install, we were able to minimise disruption to Center Parcs, and the electricians and plumbers were able to get to work quickly. We complied with all of the safety regulations including risk assessments and lift plans.

We use a minimum of 40mm Kingspan Firesafe panels, but 60mm, 80mm and 100mm panels can be used to make the unit Building Standard Part L Compliant. As well as that the Plant Rooms are insurer approved and manufactured using fire-safe PIR insulation.

The project marks a significant milestone for us, having been selected through competitive tender to work on such a high profile project. The high standards and expectation of quality and safety at Sisk are apparent throughout the Center Parcs site, and we are proud to have our name attached to it.

Building Standards

Our steel buildings are manufactured according to the strict building standards CE Certification and BCAR Compliant. The CE Certification applies to the design of buildings and the requirements for resistance, serviceability and durability of steel structures. This ensures our sheds are built to withstand Irish Wind and Snow loadings. Our structural frames are the strongest on the Irish sectional shed market.

We have been involved with designing and manufacturing units for water treatment plants for over 35 years and have worked on many high profile projects. With the flexibility of manufacturing units to the customer's specifications we can provide a unit to suit you the customer.

Water Treatment Customers:

  • John Sisk & Sons
  • Roadbridge
  • EPS Group
  • Veolia Water
  • Murphy International Limited
  • Group Water Scheme
  • Patterson pumps - units kitted out by Pattersons and sent out all over Europe
  • SIAC
  • Glan Aqua all over the country.

Our team can offer a high-quality unit for your unique requirements. Come and see our full range of buildings at our show area in Kilbeggan or Dublin or contact us today 057 9332294 or email info@shanette.ie.