Insulated Retail & Shop Storage Units-40mm roof & wall insulation from Shanettes - Superior Space

Introducing you to the Insulated Retail & Shop Storage range

The Insulated Retail & Shop Storage range is an ideal choice for Supermarket, Shop and Retail owners who need to create additional storage space at their premises.

Our Insulated Retail & Shop Storage units are available in a wide variety sizes:

Length: 20′, 30′, 40, 50′ etc.
Widths: 12′, 15′, 18′, 20′, 24′ and 30′ up to a max width of 38′.
Heights: 7′ sides up to max 13′ sides.


  • All framework is Galvanised and CE Certified
  • In the construction of our Fully Insulated Storage units we use a very high quality Kingspan insulated panel.
  • This panel comes in a choice of thickness,starting at 40mm with 60mm and 80mm available.
  • The composite panels have a PVC coated outer sheet for a long lasting climate protection.
  • The inside of the panel is a white smooth easy clean surface.
  • Kingspan Insulated skylights are standard on all units.

We are C2 registered, fully compliant with Health and safety regulation’s and have a current tax clearance cert.

Standard Features

Optional Extras

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