Silver Range Insulated Garages-25mm roof & wall insulation from Shanettes - Superior Space

Shanette are pleased to announce their latest product to their ever expanding range of storage buildings.

Shanette are now manufacturing a range of Insulated Garages & Sheds, using their 25mm built-up insulation system in both the roofs and walls.

The Shanette designed and developed insulation system is used throughout the structure of these unique sectional buildings. The main benefit this system is to prevent condensation and water droplets forming on the roof and walls, with the Shanette system there will be no condensation dripping on your valuables.

This system consists of 25mm of High density insulation combined with breathable membrane’s. Using a strong, bright coloured membrane on the interior surfaces of this new range, provides a very attractive interior finish.

Our Silver Range Insulated Garages join the Shanette range to offer you a very competitively priced Insulated Garage unit that won’t weep or condensate.

These units are ideal for home use, giving you a safe and dry storage space suitable for many household items.

As Insulated Garages, these units offer the car owner and motor enthusiast a quality insulated building which is an ideal location for maintenance and storage of modern or vintage vehicles.

We are C2 registered, fully compliant with Health and safety regulation’s and have a current tax clearance cert.

Shanette’s Silver Range Insulated Garages

The unique feature of these Shanette buildings is their built-up, Roof and Wall insulation system which has been designed and developed by Shanette and comprises:

  • A 25mm thick, high density, insulation panel.
  • Special breathable membrane lining on the interior of the insulation panel.
  • An attractive interior finish.
  • Shanette is the only steel building manufacturer in Ireland, which uses this 25mm roof insulation system on all Bronze and Silver range sheds and garages.

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The Shanette roofing system prevents condensation when heated. These units have to be adequately heated to achieve ideal storage conditions for some products.

Standard Features

Optional Extras

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