Bronze Range Garden Sheds-25mm Roof Insulation from Shanettes - Superior Space

Shanette Bronze Range Garden sheds for all-weather protection

Do you have valuable belongings out in all weathers and need a quality steel storage building to keep them safe and dry?

 Our Bronze Range Garden sheds are the answer!

Your lawnmower, garden furniture, bicycles, bin’s and lots more besides, will all be protected from our harsh Irish weather. You will probably also appreciate that our PVC coated, steel sheds, with galvanized frames are maintenance free…you won’t have to get out the sandpaper and paint, because your new Shanette Shed will keep on looking as good, as the day you bought it!

The Bronze Range Garden Shed Sizes:

  • 10′ x 6’6″.
  • 10′ x 9’6″.
  • 13′ x 9’6″.
  • 16′ x 9’6″.
  • 20′ x 9’6″.

Features & Benefits of our Bronze Range garden sheds:

  • 25mm triple layer roof insulation system means, no condensation dripping on your valuable stored items.
  • CE Certified Galvanised Framework
  • Polycarbonate clearlight with a multiple layer anti-condensation barrier
  • Available in 7 Standard Colours, to suit your house and garden.(Upgrades to horizontal Wood effect available)
  • Maintenance Free PVC coated cladding, no yearly sanding and painting.
  • Flashings and frames are seam-folded on the sharp edges, safer for you and your family.

You can also see our Silver & Gold Ranges of Garden Sheds , or check here for additional features & optional extras

Colours for the Bronze Range Garden Sheds

Important note on roof insulation: Other shed companies only use “non drip” sheeting on their roofs. This is a type of fabric bonded to the underside of the cladding to try to control condensation build-up. The underside of the roof still remains wet and therefore this product cannot be classed as insulation. “Non drip sheeting” does not have the same properties as the Shanette roofing system which has a proven u-value and a BER CERTand will not achieve the same effectiveness. ( Some competitor’s are falsely claiming this “non drip” material is a shed insulation!) During the winter months and with temperature reaching -20C last winter, water droplets forming on non-insulated roofs can be a serious issue and has resulted in a dramatic increase in condensation occurring in non insulated buildings.

Optional Extras

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