Insulated Vintage Car Storage Units from Shanettes - Superior Space

We understand just how much vintage cars, bikes, tractors , trucks etc, mean to their owners. So if you want a quality building to store your items, look no further than us, we’ll know what you need for vintage car storage.

Having installed buildings nationwide for some of Ireland’s largest Vintage collectors and having over 33 years manufacturing and installation experience, you can place your trust in our a well known brand. We can promise you a safe and reliable quality product to protect your vintage vehicles.

There are three ranges to choose from for your Vintage Car Storage Unit:

The Bronze Range-25mm roof insulation

The Bronze Range garage comes with a fully insulated roof as a standard feature. The main benefit of this 25mm thick insulation system is to eliminate condensation and water droplets forming on the steel roof supports and cladding. The Shanette system, prevents condensation dripping on your valuable belongings, leaving your stored goods, safe and dry, only a Bronze Range garage manufactured by Shanette can give this peace of mind. Our Bronze Range garages and storage buildings are built from the finest quality PVC coated, galvanized steel cladding in a huge range of colours to match any existing buildings. All of our products are built using galvanized high tensile steel frames, our buildings have been designed by our structural engineers. Our heavy-duty galvanized frame structures are tough and extremely durable, plus they are maintenance free.

The Silver Range -25mm roof & wall Insulated

Shanette manufacture a range of Insulated Sheds and Garages, using their 25mm built-up insulation system in both the roofs and walls. Perfect for Vintage Car storage!

The Shanette designed and developed insulation system is used throughout the structure of these unique sectional buildings. The main function this system is to prevent condensation and water droplets forming on the roof and walls, with the Shanette system there will be no condensation dripping on your vintage vehicles. This system is not to be confused with some products on sale in Ireland, that only have a fabric material bonded on to the underneath of the roof cladding! Giving no U-value at all. Our sheds are lined with real insulation board 25mm thick with a proven u-value and we use proper building felts.

The unique feature of these Shanette buildings is their built-up, Roof and Wall insulation system which has been designed and developed by Shanette and comprises:

  • A 25mm thick, high density, insulation panel.
  • Special breathable membrane lining on the interior of the insulation panel.
  • An attractive interior finish.
  • This latest product joins the Shanette range to offer you a very competitively priced Insulated Shed or Garage that won’t weep or condensate.
  • These units are ideal for home use, giving you a safe and dry storage space suitable for many household items.
  • Interior breathable membrane Flammability resistance to EN 11925-2.
  • Insulation reaction to fire: Class F year:03.

The Gold Range-40mm roof & wall insulation

If you are spending a lot of time in your workshop and you are concerned about the safety of your stored items, then you may want to choose from the Shanette Supreme range of workshops. Our fully insulated range is constructed using a very high quality insulated composite panel cladding manufactured in Ireland by Kingspan to comply with ISO 9001:2000 ensuring long term reliability and service life.

Incorporating a PVC coated exterior sheet for long-lasting climate protection, and an inner core of insulation in varying thicknesses with the interior side of the cladding finished in a white, smooth, easy-clean metal surface.

We use a minimum of 40mm thick Kingspan Firesafe ,Insurer approved Insulated panels throughout the unit (60mm and 80mm panels also available) making your building Building Standard Part L Complaint. And, of course, fully insulated means energy efficient. Which means lower heating bills. Which means that anything you store will remain safe and dry.

All of our products are built using high tensile galvanized steel frames, that have been designed by our structural engineers. Our heavy-duty galvanized frame, makes our sheds super tough and extremely durable, plus they are maintenance free. These units have the advantage of retaining heat when they are heated.

These units offer the car owner and motor enthusiast a quality insulated building which is an ideal location for maintenance and vintage car storage.

We are C2 registered, fully compliant with Health and safety regulation’s and have a current tax clearance cert.


  • Lengths: 20′, 30′, 40′, 50′ etc.
  • Widths: 12, 15′, 18′, 20′, 24′ and 30′.
  • Heights: Sides available in 7′ walls up to 14′ walls.


Standard Features for a Gold Range Unit

Optional Extras

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