To the continent & beyond!

Would you believe that we have sheds all over Europe and South America? Although the majority of our sheds are for the Irish & UK market, some of our units have traveled as far as Chile and Ecuador.

Container leaving yard1

In 2003, we exported our first unit. The unit was designed and manufactured in Kilbeggan before being transported, flatpacked, to a recycling plant in Seville, Spain as part of a project for Turmec, Co.Meath. This unit was installed onsite and mounted on an elevated steel platform in one day. Since then, we’ve designed and manufactured multiple units for recycling facilities in Spain.

2003 first international shed

Pharmaceutical industry

We’ve exported units for the pharmaceutical industry. The units that were designed and manufactured for MSL Engineering Limited’s project in The Netherlands. These units were made in Kilbeggan and then shipped by container to MSD site in Boxmeer and installed by our team there.

Exported Units

Pumping Stations

We’ve been working with Patterson Pumps for years, designing and manufacturing the units for their pre-packaged fire pump houses. We manufacture the pump houses at a Patterson Pumps facility on a unitary baseplate where all suction and discharge valving and test lines are in-situ prior to our install. The pre-fabricated pump house building is then wired by Pattersons to support an electrical system, lighting, heating and ventilation system, so the units are ready to work straight away. The pre-fabricated units have been shipped all over the world from the UK, to Turkey, Chile, Estonia and Ecuador as well as all over Ireland.

Patterson Pumps Turkey

We design and manufacture the units at our facility in Kilbeggan and install the units on site. As each panel is prefabricated, the installation is quick with minimum disruption to the client. For Patterson Pumps we build the unit around the pump house so that it travels as one turnkey unit.

Exporting units to the international market can be complicated but we make it as easy as possible for our clients. We manage the customs documentation, certifications and logistics from our offices in Kilbeggan.

Building Standards

Our steel buildings are manufactured according to the strict building standards EN1090 and are certified. The CE Certification applies to the design of buildings and the requirements for resistance, serviceability and durability of steel structures. This ensures our sheds are built to withstand Irish Wind and Snow loadings. Our structural frames are the strongest on the Irish sectional shed market.

We have been involved with designing and manufacturing units for the all industry for over 35 years and have worked on many high profile projects. With the flexibility of manufacturing units to the customer's specifications we can provide a unit to suit you the customer.

Our team can offer a high-quality unit for your unique requirements. Come and see our full range of buildings at our show areas in Kilbeggan and Dublin, contact us today 057 9332294 or email