Factory Office

Insulated Factory Office unit

Insulated Factory Office – Custom built on an Insulated Metal platform January 2016

The Problem:

The difficulty with this project was the restricted space in which the unit had to be placed. As this unit needed to be accessible from the loading bay level and the factory floor it had to be raised up to the correct level. It also had to fit between two existing loading docks and had to be large enough for two offices and a link corridor into the offices and to the main factory floor. The customer required a warm insulated factory office to process the orders leaving the factory.

The Solution:

The unit was designed to be installed on a raised insulated metal platform with a stairs from the yard for access. The unit was constructed from a Kingspan 60mm composite panel in Goosewing Grey to match the factory colours. The Kingspan composite panel allows the office to retain heat when heated giving a cost effective unit. The unit was finished on the interior with studded walls and a dividing corridor with two glass sliding panels for collecting delivery dockets from the drivers. As you can see from the images the interior and exterior were finished to the highest standard.

At Shanette we can custom build all units to fit into off standard areas and unusual locations. All the panels are constructed off site so they can be tailored to fit into most locations for ease of access and installation. If you have an off standard location or requirement Contact us for advise and pricing and we will endeavor to design a unit to suit your needs and requirements.

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