lifeguard hut

Bespoke Shanette Lifeguard Hut

A new project for Shanette Sheds: Lifeguard hut

We at Shanette provide a wide range of custom-built storage solutions, with the Lifeguard hut being just one example of what we can offer. To view more of our Bespoke and Custom solutions, please see to Bespoke Units.

Features and Benefits of our Shanette Lifeguard Hut:
  • Special 25mm roof insulation system means, no condensation dripping on your valuable stored items.
  • Polycarbonate plastic clear roof sections that won’t discolour or fade.
  • Walls ventilated with louvered vents to allow constant fresh air movement through your shed.
  • Strongest Galvanized frames on the market, designed by our structural engineers.
  • Secure heavy duty doors that won’t twist or buckle with a lockable handle fitted. Simplex lock can be fitted.
  • Bespoke windows with security grills.

For more information on what Options & Features we offer with our Units, please see Options & Features

A sample of different units manufactured for emergency services around the country.

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