Creche Unit with play area

Pre-Schools & Classrooms

Shanette have been manufacturing steel framed structures for 35 years, and in that time we have always offered, tough and durable products to fulfill our customers needs. Our range of off-site manufactured buildings for the education sector are built with student and teacher in mind. As School Classrooms and more, these buildings ensure a functional and safe teaching environment.

Shanette sectional building’s are designed to provide quality accommodation for a stimulating and productive learning environment. All classrooms are purpose built to meet each individual schools requirements and are certified with CE Marking and ISO9001. Using off-site construction methods Shanette can offer fast build permanent or temporary buildings produced in a controlled factory environment.


  • Individual School Classrooms. Resource rooms, Metalwork rooms, Woodwork rooms, Changing areas, Music rooms, Staff rooms, Pre-School Units, Creche, Sensory Rooms
  • The use of large double glazed windows, leaves our rooms bright and evenly delivers light to all areas.
  • Fresh air supplies can be naturally ventilated or mechanically ventilated using a heat recovery system if required.
  • Economical heating systems are supplied with all buildings.
  • The standard interior of drylined and easy cleaned painted walls have a quality look and finish.
  • A bright coloured, high suspended ceiling gives the room a spacious look
  • A choice of optional interior finishes are also available.

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