Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Opening Hours

Where are you located?

Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath and a show area in Green Isle, Business Park, Dublin 22. 01-4594993.

We are based in Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath. From the new M4 motorway from Dublin just after the exit for Kinnegad take the slip road for M6 sign posted for GALWAY(Exit 11). KILBEGGAN is exit 5 is on this motorway. You will find us just 100m from the Motorway, on the right hand side towards Kilbeggan.

Journey time Dublin to Kilbeggan is only approx. 55 mins

From Galway, Kilbeggan is on the main M6 motorway exit 5. You will find us just 100m from the Motorway, on the right hand side towards Kilbeggan.
Journey time Galway to Kilbeggan is only approx. 50 mins.

Co-Ordinates: N 53′21.707 W 007′29.750

Do you have a Show Area at your Factory?

Yes. We have a huge display of sheds and garages at our factory in Kilbeggan, We currently we have 15 different models on display.

What units do you have on display in your Show Area?

Garden Units 10′ x 9’6″ – Gold Range 40mm Insulation home office

  • 16′ x 9’6″ – Gold Range 40mm Insulated unit
  • 20′ x 9’6″ – Silver Range unit with double doors & window
  • 20′ x 9’6″ – Kingspan Bespoke Studio Unit

Garages & Storage Units

  • 20′ x 12′ 40mm insulated Wood Effect Flat Panel in Light Oak
  • 20′ x 12′ 40mm Insulated Unit in Slate Grey Flat Panel with Red PVC Doors & Windows.
  • 20′ x 12′ Fortex PVC Range
  • 20′ x 12′ Bronze Range
  • 20′ x 15′ Silver Range Unit with Mushroom Plank effect cladding
  • 30′ x 15′ Gold Range 40mm Insulated Unit
  • 30′ x 18′ Storage Unit
  • 30′ x 18′ 40mm Insulated Classroom/Hobby Room
  • 30′ x 24′ (10′-13′) 40mm Insulated unit
  • 40′ x 30′ (13′-18′) High Storage Unit

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm. Friday 8am to 5pm. Saturday 9am to 2pm. Closed Bank Holiday weekends

Standards, Certifications & Guarantees

What are your payment terms?

It is 50% deposit and 50% on delivery.

Methods of payment accepted, Cash, Cheque, Bank draft or Bank transfer.

We also accept Laser/ VISA Debit and there is No Charge & No limit. Mastercard credit or VISA Credit cards– No charge up to €3,000 per order after that it is charged @ 2.5%.

Are you C2 registered?

Yes we are C2 registered, fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations and have a current tax clearance cert.

I want an experienced and well established company to manufacture my garage, How long has your company been in the steel shed business?

Shanette sheds are the longest established sectional steel shed manufacturer in Ireland. Established in 1983, we have extensive experience in this business. We are the original off-site sectional steel shed manufacturer in Ireland. Shanette is a Guaranteed Irish company.

What access do you need to install the unit?

This depends on the size of the unit you intend to install. Please enquire in the office before you install a base.

What sort of guarantees do you offer on the exterior metal cladding?

Our PVC coated cladding offers a 10 year exterior finish guarantee and 2 years warranty on doors & windows.

What sort of guarantee do you offer on the frame of the shed?

Shanette sheds offer a 10 year structural guarantee.

I want a strong steel garage, to withstand strong winds. What building codes do you build to?

This is a very important question, as we are the only sectional shed manufacturer in Ireland that builds in accordance with CE Certification & Eurocode regulations. Our sheds are built to withstand high winds and snow loads on the structure. We build in accordance to the following building codes:

  • BS EN 1991-1-4:2005, Actions and loadings on structures, Wind Actions + UK National Annex
  • BS EN 1991-1-3:2003, Actions and loadings on structures, Snow load + Irish National Annex
  • BS EN 1991-1-3:2003 Actions and loadings on structures, Snow load + UK National Annex – incorporating Ireland in snow region

What other building codes are your Garages built too?

Shanette Garages are built in accordance the following building CE Certification & EUROCODES:

  • Shanette structures are designed to support their own self weight, uniform snow loading and wind loading.
  • Eurocode 3 applies to the design of buildings and other civil engineering works in steel.
  • Eurocode 3 is concerned with requirements for resistance, serviceability, and durability of steel structures.
  • BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 Eurocode 3
    General Rules and Rules for Buildings Steel design for hot rolled sections and cold formed sections using design capacities from “Shanette” commissioned structural testing results
  • IS EN 1993-1-3:2005 Eurocode 3
    Supplementary rules for cold formed members and sheeting reference for calculation of cold section properties and panel construction
  • IS EN 1993-1-5:2005 Eurocode 3
    Plated structural elements. Reference for calculation of cold section properties

How long does it take on site to build a garden shed?

Your shed is off-site manufactured so installation on site takes just a couple of hours.

Why does your company manufacture all its sheds and garages in a factory?

We build all our products off-site for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly to ensure a quality product is delivered to our customers, as all units are made on a quality controlled production line.
  • Off-site construction is quicker, cleaner and a lot less hassle for the home owner than old style on-site cutting, welding and fabrication.
  • With our system, we can also ensure that there are no material shortages, so your shed or garage will be completed in the shortest time possible.

How long does it take to install a large insulated Garage?

Your garage is off-site manufactured so installation on site takes a very short time compared to buildings that are constructed on-site.

Product & Service Details

I’m not really sure if I need a fully insulated shed?

We have a team of friendly experts in our show room, who will be delighted to help you choose the best option for you.

Can you fit a side pedestrian door on a garage?

Yes we can fit a 32’’ (812mm) pedestrian clad door on your garage for an extra €300.00. This door is fully lockable and can be positioned practically anywhere on the building . An Insulated steel pedestrian door with 10pt locking system or an double glazed PVC door with 4 point locking can also be fitted, if required at an additional cost.

Can extra windows be fitted?

Yes they can. A double glazed window with top opening 3’6’’ x 2’6’’ (1020mm x 760mm) will cost up to €300.00 extra, subject to shed choice.

Is there a delivery charge?

Our fleet of 5 lorries will deliver free within 100km  (Some parts of the country will occur a delivery charge, please enquire through the office)

Can you build a shed to specific sizes?

We can build to any specifications and can arrange doors and windows to suit the customer’s needs.

Can you divide a shed into different sections?

Yes we can build partitions to divide your unit into sections. This can have a door in the partition or an external door can be fitted.

Can electric fixtures be installed?

Yes, you can fit lights, plugs, alarms etc in our of our buildings .This can be done on site by your electrician, you should made provisions for this when you install you base.

Can plumbing fixtures be installed?

Yes, you can fit toilets, sinks, washing machines etc in our buildings, but do remember for frost protection you should consider an insulated unit.

Do I need a concrete base for my garage?

Yes, all of our units require a strong concrete base to mount the garage on. We then bolt the building down to this base. Details and base drawing are available for all of our units at our sales area or by post or email.

Could I build the concrete base myself?

Yes, with the help of your drawings a competent DIY person can install a shed base.

Can you recommend a contractor to install the base?

Yes we do. We recommend Maguire Construction. You can contact him on 085-1931116 for a quote.

What colours are the units available in?

There are 7 standard colours to choose from: Black, Brown, Olive Green, Goosewing Grey, Merlin Grey, Mushroom & White. Woof effect. Samples are available through the office. We can also produce units in off standard colours if required.

I want to order a shed, what is the next step?

Just pick up the phone and ring us, we can complete the process over the phone with the help of this web site or you can call to our factory and sales area in Kilbeggan or show area in Green Isle Business park Dublin 22. 01-4594993