Concrete Bases from Shanettes - Superior Space

We recommend a Concrete Base with a rebate for all our units. The reason for this rebate is that the floor level is approx 50mm higher on the inside than the outside base height, this ensures the floor is fully secured and sealed against wind and rain.

We will supply you with a fully-detailed base drawing for the shed you order. This base drawing is essential in order to have the base the correct size for your shed or we have a subcontractor that can do all the base preparation for you.

You can call our base contractor Anthony Lynch 085-1223983 for a quotation.


Concrete Drying Information

A concrete surface may look dry, but the slab can still contain sufficient moisture to cause problems when covered. The amount of concrete moisture can be considerable. In practical terms, several pounds of water must evaporate from every square foot of concrete for the slab to be considered adequately dry for floor finishes. The industrial rule of thumb for estimating the drying time necessary for concrete floors to reach acceptable moisture content is 1 month of drying for each inch of concrete thickness (1mm per day). So to help the drying time in your new unit you should take the following steps:

  • Leave the door (s) or a window (if fitted) open for extra ventilation or
  • Use a de-humidifier to speed up the process.

Silver & Gold Ranges:

These units have to be adequately heated to achieve ideal storage conditions for some products.

Concrete Method- Step by step

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Rebate Cross Section

Step 4



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